See The Sunshine

The fall and rise of Britpop!!

This is very much my sort of music. You’re are never sure what to expect when you take on a review and so I was pleasantly surprised when “See the sunshine” filled my eagerly awaiting ears with a gorgeous song full of beautifully executed Brit pop influences. This Britpop influence though is very subtly achieved by meshing the key aspects of some of Britain’s most influential artists. There is a very definite XTC vibe (personal favourites of mine) and the voice carries many of Andy Partridge’s mannerisms (and a fair few of Colin Mouldings’.) I can also hear latter day Kinks and hints of Nineties darlings Supergrass. The guitars sound sublime and are expertly played,- as are all the instruments. This is no mean feat considering this is a one man band. Usually there are some weak points when listening to a multi-instrumentalist; but this guy obviously has talent and nails guitar, bass keyboards and drums/programming.. Having played this song through a few times more while writing this review I seriously would put this up with Apple Venus XTC and this is the XTC album I love most!!! The fact that Bruce states that this track is not designed to be “Top 40” says more about the state of mainstream music than it does this song. I would love a chart full of this kind of feel good, well produced and tuneful songs. Any fans of real music should give this a listen.

Reviewed by Richard Fisher
United Kingdom, Derb

Edge Of Your World

Enjoy the mood and energy of this song. There’s a mix of Badfinger ,Fotheringhay, and even dare i say it Beatles feel. The arrangement, vocals and interesting chord shifts add to what is happening here. I appreciate the vocals up front with sweet backups entering at just the right moments. This song grew on me as i listened again. I even appreciate the lyrical content as the writer is expressing ideas that are novel and yet identifiable. Great writing. Look forward to hearing other tunes from your world. – Bob Grubel (United States

That’s How Dreams Go

Nice harmonious melody. A song about dreaming, good artist singing, sounds like a peaceful message is to the song in its entirety. A good mellow relaxing track that can soothe the inner soils of the soul in ways that only music can, and certain music in particular like this song.”

Try Try Tried

This song has the elements of pop music that originated in the 60’s around the era of the British Invasion, yet there’s a touch of Badfinger, Emitt Rhodes, Todd Rundgren and Eric Carmen’s great pop act, the Raspberries that have an influence here, too. The vocals are nice a clear and clean with strong harmonies and lyrics. The blend of the acoustic 12-string and the 6-string acoustic guitars and the horns are tastefully mixed in over a solid rhythm section. While this is a throwback to a great era of pop, I wish that there was more of it around today. Thanks for keeping the vibe alive! Here’s to your success

Reviewed by Sam Cooper
United States, Tennessee, Nashville’

See The Sunshine

I thoroughly enjoyed the throwback yellow submarine feel of Unlimited Power Records, See The Sunshine. It has that Beatles feel to it through out that is, post-Revolver, and pre-Abbey Road. Interesting to say the least, that the singer caught the vibe almost perfectly. The production is well done although the description led me to the idea that it was done at home. If it was done at home it was done well, in a home studio, and well mixed. No complaints. Vocal and music talent and quality were quite good. As the author states, it is not modern top 40 material but, who cares? The song is good and reminiscent. In a world were access to the music that caters to you personally is readily available at your finger tips, this song is sure to find an audience who wants the Beatles feel, but, are sick of the Beatles. Job well done sir! Cheers!!! – Midnight Kahuna, (Miami Florida, USA)


See The Sunshine

I really like the sound of Acquisotic and this number, “See The Sunshine” has got a lovely late 1960s retro sound, but with the sound quality of all the technology available today. I’m getting a wee touch of deja vu. This reminds me of a tune from that era. Not sure what… a wee touch of The Kinks and Arthur Lee and Love. I’m also reminded a little of Teardrop Explodes, Julian Cope and The Railway Children. Lovely xxx

Reviewed by Dee Sunshine  on Nov 15 , 2016
United Kingdom, Ardgour

See The Sunshine

This song doesn’t seem to fit any one category, which is a good thing. The instruments were very well done, with sounds and levels. The singing almost sounds like someone singing in a Play on Stage, which is cool in it’s own way. Yes, this is somewhat of a throwback Retro kinda song. Overall, really good, interesting song. Really good on the Vocals, with overdubs. Good strong work! Sincerely Edward Westbrook

Reviewed by Edward Westbrook  Aug 21
United States, North Carolina, Raleigh

Try Try Tried

When I first heard the intro, I had the feeling George Harrison would start to sing. Yes, I thought the arrangement was very George Harrison like, but when the singer started to sing, I realized it was Badfingerish. I mean, it could be one of my favorite Badfinger songs. Very pleasant to listen to, definitely worth adding to my playlist!

Reviewed by Ozzi Melo  
Brazil, Sao Paulo


Crazy Days

I love the way the song starts out, the door opening and closing caught my attention. I’m not sure how I would classify this song in terms of genre… it’s like a little bit of country rock with a definite Beatles influence, cool. This is a good song, I dig the changes, it keeps the song interesting. Also, kudos to the guitar playing! Great job


Paradigm Pure

wow now there are great harmonies in this song and truly unique.i really love this song and how it was put together,i knew he minute i heard it.the panning on the guitar is excellent and how that sultry sounding synth matches the harmony vocals sowell is truly unique.such a great song, i gonna to buy it right now.

Lost Monument

Very tasty guitar work with nice tone. Some parts remind me of me of Pink Floyd. The solo was cool with some nice tension and release. The keys sound great. This song really flows with a good melody, unlike many of the other instrumentals I’ve heard. Good job!!! A lot of hard work must have been put into this one.

Shifting Sands

Beautifully lush instrumentation. To my ears the song is stylistically reminiscent of some of the musical approaches deployed on the Genesis album – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Also reminds me of ELO and Ambrosia. The song is intriguingly imaginative and exhibits an appealing arrangement that is enhanced by excellent guitar playin’

Bow Wave

The intro of this song is mind blowing. This sounds like an heroic song. the voice og the girl is amazing and the lyrics have atone and transmits a message to the listeners. The tone and beat of the song even thought they’re are different its really goes with the rhytm. The classic tune and the vocal are connected and the sound like rock and roll and pop give me chills. the solos along the drum are are cool. The girl singer has a way to sing during the son without sounding weird and dumb. This song can be used in like an investigation part of the movie and i think is a successful song that people can listen to it over and over again. I don’t get tire of listening to the same song every time. This kind of music reminds me of the 1980s where the music was chill but there was really exiting singers in the background giving the song a sick beat.”

While In Alone

Very catchy beginning! It really sounds like an old school song bringing it back. It has an interesting beat to it — kind of reminds me of the Beatles when they start to sing. Very old school!! Amazing beat, very mellow and slow. The lyrics are wonderful and whimsical. Has many differently elements songs. Upbeat, and extremely chilled song.”

That’s How Dreams Go

Bruce is a legendary! You brought on a raw and soulful track. The blends of this allowed you to fill arena. I was easily fascinated with the music, because it was easily artistic.

That’s How Dreams Go

This is a beautifully made song. The lyrics make perfect sense and will grab your attention through out the entire song. I truly enjoyed this song. The music, Performance and the singer’s voice are incredible. There is almost no complain to put over this amazing song. Good job with your album. I would love to hear more songs and tracks from you near future!”