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2017 UPR Music Video Award


Winning Music Video!


  • UPR brought in Chris Hardy and the Far Outs, the NEWDS, the Electric Brains and ZemZada as UPR Retro Brit-Pop Artists
  • Kaleigh joined as a Music Marketing representative and A&R Personnel.
  • New Releases in 2017! Life Line, Room with a View, Wait Till You Fall, She’s So (Indistinguishable), Down and Out, Deep Inside My Brain, Mr. Happy Sunshine
  • Unlimited Power Records is now accepting new Artists as of May 2017
  • Room with a View was recorded and remixed, preview’s are available on SoundCloud and NumberOneMusic, due to be official released on the new CD.


Released June 2016 – NEW EP!

Golden Relics – 3 Song EP digital release

3 brand new songs from Bruce Gombrelli under the band name of Acquisotic in the Genre of Retro British/American Pop which has sounds of the 60s and 70s in a more modern production.

Release Date: 6/17/2016


  1. Not Quite The Same

 2. Try Try Tried (song #2)

3. Without Words (Rewired)

Jan 2016


SINGLE - See The Sunshine - Released Jan 2016 by Bruce Gombrelli under the band name Acquisotic


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