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Unlimited Power Records is currently looking for Musical Artists or Bands that compose and record Retro British Pop style music.

What is Retro British Pop?

It is the style of music that was popular in the 60’s and early 70’s. There are forms of American Pop of that period that have a striking similarity to the bands of that era, in fact, american bands often tried to emulate them with quite a bit of success. Of course one of the big leaders was the Beatles in England, but the list of bands is huge.  Bands like badfinger, yardbirds and a large number of English and American bands created music during this era.  The love of this style of music has started up again in the form of a revival.

Retro British Pop collection CD

Unlimited Power Records plans to release a Retro British Pop collection in the fall of 2016. All the artists that have submitted and want to be included in promotion of Retro British Pop will be included in this physical CD and digital release. If you only want to be included on the CD release that’s acceptable but you will only be promoted on that release and not in any of UPR’s other promotions.

Submission Requirements

In order to be considered you must submit a representative song, your website and any social media sites.  There must be at least 1 Retro British Pop song selected to be on the CD.

Use this form for the initial contact and you will be send the information on where and how to submit your material.




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