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Bruces Stratocasters

GOLDIROCKS  – Fender Stratocater – Personal Buildout 2016

I build this in fall 2016  – Essentially I took a neck from my 2016 MIM and bought a new 50’s body for it. I wasn’t sure what to do about the pickguard and pickups and it was originally going to be silver but you can see the results. I love this axe.

Pickups: Quarter Pounder/Power Gold Lace Sensor/Vintage 2.2

Wiring:  Volume for bridge/neck 300K, 250 Linear volume for middle pickup (middle), No Load pot for all.

Other: Custom Plate, unusually black white pickup/pickguard color scheme, Locking tuners

Color: Shoreline Gold (50’s body)

My Fender Stratocaster Collection is always in flux but many of them stay the “Hood”, and I refuse to sell them.
Here are some of my most used models I own:


Fender USA Standard Strat Channel-Bound – 2016

Smoke and Mirrors



I got this in Aug 2016 – I was a replacement/upgrade to the stock 2009 white USA standard.

Pickups: Fat 60’s

Wiring: Stock (with no load pot for neck/middle)

Other: Channel-Bound neck

Color: Olympic White

My Fender Stratocaster Collection is always in flux but many of them stay the “Hood”, and I refuse to sell them.
Here are some of my most used models I own:

Retro Jack – 2010 Fender Standard

(this has been updated, will update soon)




Final Version

This guitar is very heavily modified!

Pickups: Bridge  (Red/Silver Lace Dually), Red FS1 pickup – Area 58

Wiring: Push Pull Pop on the 2nd knob – Volume (500K), Volume (250K) dedicated to middle pickup, Tone (No load)

1=neck, 2 bridge silver, bridge red (push pull), 3 Middle pickup, 4 Neck  and Bridge Silver, 5 Bridge Red

Other: Locking Tuners (Fender) and strap locks

Color: Black

Banana Baby – 1997 Cal Strat


Strat_BannanaBabybrucegombrelli4 277676_249190275109028_5720990_o280356_249190158442373_1081944_o

This is one incredible Stat. It started it’s life as a California Series made in the 90’s.  I bought it used and it had the follow changes: The Neck was sanded down in the back and oiled so it has a very natural wood feel and jumbo frets had been added.

When I got it I did what I always do, I put locking tuners on it (then later gold), and I completely changed the wiring and pickups.

Pickups: lil Screamin Demon (Seymour Duncan) – Bridge      Duckbucker – Neck     Middle – Not sure

Wiring: Switch: 5 Position  –  Volume, TBX middle Neck Tone, Tone Middle (no tone selector for bridge, straight through)

Looks: The “Original” pickguard was white, I changed it to a brass marble, then finally to a brass pick guard that I use now. I updated many parts to be gold. The knobs are vintage. Apparently the original guitars were often an HSS setup, it was a SSS setup when I bought it so this is a rare bird indeed.

Color: Vintage Yellow

MINT JULIP- 2003 Mexi (souped up)




I originally bought this used and it has the thinnest frets of any stratocaster I have. Some people call them fast frets.

It’s been through MANY changes until finally settling on my current revision

Wiring:    Neck: White Lace Sensor Pickup,    Middle – Tone Zone (Dimarzio),   Bridge: Dualie Blue/Gold Lace Sensor (the little switch splits this)

(My original design used a black colored dual lace gold sensor)

This was a pickup that was originally used for the Early Jeff Beck model, it came right from a Jeff Beck model guitar.

Master Volume, volume for bridge and middle also push pull for middle pickup, tone NO LOAD for bridge pickup.

Other: Locking tuners (of course).

Color: Metallic Sage Green



 Silver Star – 2002 – Special American Hot Rod



I bought this new. It had Seymour Duncan Pearly gates right from the factory.

Pickups: Seymour Ducan Pearly Gates

Wiring: Completely stock but it’s a cool 5 position that blends the pickups and splits them inbetween.

Other: Locking Tuners

Color: Silver Chrome

Blues Bonez (aka Turquoise Blue) – 2001 American Standard

Bluez Bonez38908_143943928966997_8140436_n

I bought this stratocaster used for an amazing price years ago and have gone bonkers on it.  The original pick guard was white, and knobs were white.

Pickups: Neck Pickup: HS3,  Middle Pickup: Blue Lace Sensor, Bridge Pickup: FRED

Wiring: Master Volume, Push Pull Tone – splits neck pickup, Push Pull Tone – Splits FRED

Color: Rare! Aqua Marine Metallic

Other: Locking Tuners

Note: Depends on the lighting, the color is between the two of these shots.

Satin Doll – 2004 Fender Standard



I bought this used for not much dough and went bonkers on it. I was originally going to sell it, but I ended up liking it too much.

Pickups: Bridge: Hot Gold Lace Sensor Dually, Middle: Silver Lace Sensor, Neck: Lil 59 Jr

Wiring: Volume (all), Tone 1 (Neck Pickup Only, no load), Tone 2 (Bridge Pickup Only)

Other: Frets: Dressed completely & Locking Tuners

Color: Candy Apple Red Satin Finish

This guitar sounds and plays great, I used this one a LOT of the boat.

(from the Fender Website)

  • Modern C-shaped neck
  • Choice of rosewood or maple fretboard
  • 9.5″ radius
  • 21 vintage-style frets
  • 3 standard single-coil pickups
  • 2 volumes (for neck and mid pickups)
  • 5-position pickup selector
  • Chrome hardware
  • 3-ply pickguard
  • 25.5″ scale
  • Note: Neck is fatter on this guitar.

Moody – 12 String Stratocaster – 2004

12 STring Blue

Color: Lake Placid Blue

Fender Special Issue 12 string electric Lake Placid Blue –

Pickups: Red Lace, True Velvet, Blue Velvet (Neck)

I left it wired stock. (The black pickup isn’t there anymore, it’s the same color as the bridge pickup)



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