This song is by Bruce Gombrelli and is due for office release to Spotify and ITunes later this month.

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Song History:

This song is on Master 38, or put another way it’s the 38th revision of the song since it’s original creation.  The original song is a pure acoustic guitar track with a strange guitar tuning. Then came the scratch lyrics and vocal tracks, they were practiced at least 5 different session before the first recording was even attempted.  The actual guitar track went down pretty quick.

The next phase was the drum track and mixing the acoustic recordings, balanced the acoustic tracks and putting on scratch treatments. A 2nd drum track was added to give contrast to later in the song. The bass was then added, it was originally a much simpler version. The bass is actually 3 bass tracks to handle the acoustic and slide parts of the bass work.

The next major part was the vocals, then more vocals, then even more vocal takes (the lyrics still were not quite finalized) nor was the ending section, and the melody was yet to experience a few minor changes especially toward the end.

Moving on, the choir overlays were added and a keyboard part.  The “touches” of synth were added and then it went into a major mixathon.

At least 10 versions were produced and then more vocal tracks laid down.

A 2nd keyboard was added for layering during the thick portions of the song.

The parts were re-scored (except the acoustic) and balanced. Instrumentation was removed and simplified during the verses to make that part more generic and soft.

The drum parts were then addressed in detail adding fills and layering.

About on Master 25 now…

Now detail work started happening on each track in an attempt to place them in the song better sonically.

The rest of the work was all detail oriented and finding a new mastering setting for it.

Finally a wa wa guitar track was added at end and some polishing to the parts was done…

Tada…Master 38 and here it is!