REFERENCE SONGS and Bands: (mega short list)

Can’t get no satisfaction – The Rolling Stones (Solid classic fuzz sound)


Norwegian Wood
Day in the Life
Penny Lane
I am a Walrus

Monkies (California Pop) – Last train to clarksville

(Actually, any Beatles is to reference and learn to recognize the musical differences between the albums)

Orchestration: George Martin (The king of blending pop with orchestration)

Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man – incredible lead guitar work by Jimmy Page, Fuzz Guitar lead

Paul Revere and the Raiders – Let Me, Kicks

Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Pepermints (fuzz guitar and harmonies)

Jimi Hendrix – Reverse Guitar – Castles Made Of Sand – A good guitar study of blues licks taken to the max, early music is best. Album: Axis, Bold as Love

Spirit – Natures Way

Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine – Tambourine, Sitar

Iron Butterfly – In a Gadda Da Vida – Fuzz Guitar, Organ – A LONG album side classic (one big jam actually but very very good).

Cream – White room – Any from their last album (wa wa, blues guitar work, vocal)

Harmonies – Beatles of course, practically untouchable in perfection, listen to the harmonies.

Beach Boys – The standard in the 60’s multipart harmonies from CA.  Good vibrations and early SURF Music from CA.

Electric Prunes – I had too much to Dream – (Reverb Smash, Psychedlic sound, reverse instruments)

The Who – I Feel Free, Pinball Wizard – The must hear pure rock tune (snuck this in) – Free styling Keith Moon drums..

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit – Psychedelic CA pop rock

Rare Earth – Blusey based standard with Organ and fuzz guitar. Amazing album side: Get Ready

Bee Gee – Lonely Days (Almost sound like a Beatles style song. Piano)

Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride (Nice feedback in the intro)

Rolling Stones – Honkey Tonk Woman (Cowbell and syncopated multi note rhythm guitar), Sympathy for the devil (use of choir voices)

The 5th Dimension – Aquarius/Let the sunshine it – This song represents the a mix of movie combine with harmonies to be a “60’s attitude” song.