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She's So (Indistinquishable)
She's So (Indistinquishable)
A new tune released in August 2017!! This one will hook ya!
Wait Till You Fall
Wait Till You Fall
The debut release of Chris Hardy and the Far Outs under the UPR label. Brand New 60's Style Surf Song. Copyright (c) by Chris Hardy. Produced by Bruce Gombrelli. Released by Unlimited Power Records.

RELEASES – Chris Hardy has many new releases planned and will be releasing an EP soon. He is an amazing songwriter that covers many different types of material that fits right into the mid to late 60’s era. 


Songwriter Chris Hardy appears to have been born in the wrong country. His musical heroes were mostly British – among them are Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians, XTC/The Dukes of Stratosphear, The Police, The Who, Syd Barrett and Al Stewart. Chris’ songs sound more like British rock than the USA upbringing he’s been given and according to him, “The Brits appear to be a bit more creative than us yanks.”

A former member of the 434th Army Band, Chris started out as a drummer. During his 6 years in the Army, he taught himself how to play guitar, bass, keyboards and to write and sing songs. To date, he’s written over 500 songs about a massive variety of subjects including, but not limited to: love, death, life, cheese, meat, animals and traffic signs, all with a perspective unlike any other you’ve heard. “I just want my songs to be interesting and catchy”, he says. Take a listen to a few and you might find them just that – interesting and still playing in your head days later!

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Both these songs and more are scheduled to be included in his upcoming 3 song EP.