Bruce Gombrelli produces the music for artists on the Unlimited Power Records label. ¬†Assuming different roles with different artists. He acts as a “guiding producer” to some artists, an active band member with others, A mixing Engineer for yet others, and a final touch mastering guy for the rest.

Production may include some of the following services

  • Direction on song selection, which songs work the best for this Retro British Pop genre
  • Song Ideas and Reviews of current material
  • Mixing and Production on stem files for individual songs
  • Mastering for the compilation CD
  • Promotion recommendations and advice
  • A&R services in general

Some services are part of the deal when you work with Bruce but he also does financial arrangements for others that require more time investment. Non Exclusive agreements are his first choice for all artists.

If you are interested in “Before and After” results plus music targeting there are examples like “Wait Till You Fall” is a recent song produced by Bruce for Chris Hardy.

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