Taking a song to the next level after the mix is finished takes a bit of tender loving care. I go through and master songs with the idea of producing a song that has clarity an punch but without playing the “limit to the ceiling” wars.

The following are needed to create a good master:


1. A good mix with no compression on the final file.
2. A wav file. I can process MP3’s by converting them to WAV files but it won’t render the quality that the WAV will give you. Especially if the MP3 is of lower bit rate since the compression destroys the original quality.
3. An unsaturated recording. If the recording is pushed to the limited or contains way to much highs that are distorted, it’s rather impossible to fix that problem with simple mastering.

I prefer to work with files that don’t reach the 0 db ceiling because usually it won’t have a lot of digital clipping.


What to expect:

I like to work with single songs, I can master CD’s but it takes a lot more work than mastering individual songs since each song has to play well with each other as a set.

1. I’ll take the song and produce a 320 mp3 for Round One that you can listen to (mp3 has no edit info)

2. You review it and make any suggestions you want about it or accept it.

3. Round 2 I produce a 2nd Master with your suggested changes and send you a 320 mp3 with no edit info

4. You select your final version and I’ll send you the wav file.

—- Plus Version ($20)

4. (PLUS) Round 3 you can make suggestions on either Round 1 or Round 2 mastered version and I’ll produce a third version and send it to you.

5. You select a final version between those 3 and supply me with MP3 Information for the mp3 files.

6. I’ll send you 3 master wav file (each version) plus  a 320, 192 (and 128 mp3 for PLUS) of the mastered song with song info updated (Song Editing option) for your final selected version.


All selected masters include WAV, 192 mp3, 320 mp3 version (+ 128 for Single Song Plus)

$10 per Song with and 1 revision round (for 2 final masters) – 1 WAV files for selected master and 320 mp3 with no editing.

$20 Per Song includes mp3 versions and 3 Different Masters (WAV, 128, 192, 320 mp3) and mp3 editing

Albums – Contact me for pricing

Turn around time:

Usually less than a day or in hours, in cases when I’m out of town or super busy it might take a few days. I’ll let you know when you send it to me.

Song Acceptance:

Because some songs are just not good candidates for mastering, your song may be rejected for mastering. However, if you really wanted it mastered I will do it with a disclaimer 😉


Done with Paypal, simple and easy or you can pay with credit card by phone.


Mastering Services

An example of a smooth jazz song I remastered







All Acquisotic and Audiogrill song were Mastered by Unlimited Power Records