See The Sunshine

By Acquisotic

Copyright (c) by Bruce Gombrelli 2016 – Released by Unlimited Power Records


How ya gonna see the sunshine?
How ya gonna right the rain?
How ya gonna see the starshine?
How ya gonna love again?

When I looked upon myself
I realized that I had help
Did you? Did you?

When I looked into your eyes
I realize there no disquise in you

Did ya ever see the sunshine?
Did ya ever dodge the rain?
Did ya ever hold a loved one?
That you never held again?

When I looked into myself
I realize that I had help
Did you? Did you?

When I looked into her eyes
I realized there’s no disquise in her

See the sun, feel the rain, see the stars
Feel love again…oh yeah

Give all the love you got
Everything would mean a lot to me

And a spot of rain
Then the rain comes again, down
The sun comes back again

Everyone needs some help sometime
Reaching out it feels so fine
I just feel the sun on me
I want to feel the rain
Because it’s part of me

See The Sun
Feel the sun
Feel the rain
Feel the sun
Once again….