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Band History

Born in United States

1969-1970 – Bruce Baker Tom Hilling Band

Tom Hilling and Bruce were going to be the next big thing, they even had managers, but they were only 14 and the managers drove a wedge them. Tom moved away (not his choice) and that was that, the end of Bruce’s first band dream and more or less the start of a wandering journey through music and bands.

1970 – 1972 Unlimited Power, Conference and Windowpane

The growing years. I kept writing material by myself, writing lyrics and poems. I played drums with a different band situations, hung with other musicians, played concerts in the park but ultimately I never really was able to find a band that I could put together, most importantly a writing partner. Windowpane was a reference to LSD which I never took at the time but I thought it was a fun band name. During these years I moved progressively from drums into more and more guitar and keyboard work.

1974 – Young James Brown Show & Lots of writing and jamming.

This was a strange turn with all black band stage show that toured around Florida playing gigs at predominately colored bars. It ended because some of the band members didn’t like having a white guy in the band and he was getting the attention, so I decided it was time to move on, but I learned a lot of funk music during this period.

1975-1977 – Solo/writing period – idependent artist

During these years I wrote a lot of songs and worked with different other artists. Glen Hahn comes to mind along with John Lennon, many different jams. I wrote songs like “Without Words” (which has been recently redone and released 2015), “Can’t Get There From Here” (Which is in the recording phase now). I submitted material to different record companies but had responses from “Stealing my songs” (sending back tapes with songs missing) to no response to I needed a backing band. I decided later that without an act behind me I was more or less wasting my time trying to get them to be interested in my material as a songwriter or artist.

1978 – The college break, Writing on a Moog Synth and Traveling to Europe

I moved up to the Northwest and decided to continue to update my poem and lyric collection and work on my college studies. During these years I worked with a Moog Synth and wrote a complete work with it (which is on a lost tape) and I played Vibes in the college band and traveled to Europe.

1979-1982 – Kyla

Mike Harness and I started up this band and it lasted for about 3 years or so. I recall a lot of fun times during that band and we traveled all around Montana, Washington and Wyoming. I focused on guitar playing and singing. We a few of my originals and went through quite a few members. Ultimately we went our own ways when we pursued different women and the music was suffering and I wanted to play more.

1982- Timberline and Jammin’

I worked at the music store and jammed constantly. I was always out at a club and then ended up playing in a solid country rock band in which I was simply the lead guitarist, we kicked butt and had a good time.

1982-1984 -Mirage

Mirage was nuts. I started up this band while working at the music store. It was a hard rock band and I played guitars, keyboards and sang lead and backing vocals.  We played, practiced a lot and goofed off a lot too.  We were really starting to kick it out but we were trapped in around our area and needed to hit the road but we didn’t have a good manager or the funds to run with, and my day job was bread and butter. I have to admit the partying got the best of the band, we backed up Billy Squire, lost our jam house and I wanted to move on and get out of clubs and play bigger gigs.

1984-1985 Hello Seattle

After Mirage I worked with a few of the players and tried to get some demo’s out to the record companies. We just didn’t have the umph to get it happening and decided it was time to try Seattle.

1985 New Bands

I started up a new band, we rehearsed while I worked full time. The band had a female vocalist and myself, bassist and drummer. After playing a few parties it sort of fizzled out and I went in search of another band.

1986 – Woody Carr Band

I was the only guitarist in this band and we played quite a few gigs around the Seattle area, but I was disillusioned because I felt that clubs were just a dead end street and I had lost my drive because I was more or less just a supporting member making a paycheck. I quit the band and a few gigs later the replacement guitarist was shot (not killed luckily) by an angry boyfriend of a girl that was chasing after him.

1986-1997 Sabbatical

A sabbatical from music. During these years I just focused on studying electrical engineering, physics and doing more coding. I sold all my music gear and decided to leave music for a while and turned to listening to Jazz and New Age music and riding my bike.

1997 – New Guitar

I bought an acoustic electric Sheridan guitar and started to record my own material (what I wanted to do anyway) on a 8 track cassette recorder, I quickly bought a SY22 Yamaha keyboard and a mexi bass guitar.

1998 – 1999 – Jamming and drums & Solo Work

I was recording my own music and started to Jam as a drummer, I bought a full kit, it was fun!

2000 Jamming and Bass & Solo Work

Again I decided to push my skill set and play bass for a band called Unresolved Externals. It was really fun, we practiced a lot and I met BRENT BENNETT who I would soon write songs with.

2001 – 2003 -Bruce and Brent

I recorded the band (the cuts can be heard as “Nobody Notices my Life” and others. At the time some minor internal tensions drove the band apart and Brent Bennett and I started to write together with Brent singing and me writing, recording and producing the music. The result was the first Audiogrill CD and later many cuts release in 2012 on the Stir Fry album.

2004 – Back to Solo

Brent faded out of the picture, moved and got married, this affected our ability to create so I decided I had to start singing full time again and produce my own material from scratch.

2005 – Released my first all me CD “That’s How Dreams Go”

2006-2011 Solo artist with lots of new material

2012 Released Acquisotic II & Stir Fry

2014 Released my first Music Video and released I Don’t Mind single

2015 Released Emotion Detective and Without Words single

2016 Released See The Sunshine (single) & “Golden Relics” – 3 song EP.

Many short term bands I don’t remember the names of but this is the best list I could come up with.



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