The making of the song I Don’t Mind


Written for Bruce Gombrelli’s first Music Video

I was July 2014 and it had been over a year since I had released my last song. Now that I was settled into Santa Barbara and my very small studio was setup I decided it was time to start composing and recording again.

“I Dont Mind” was born at a dance convention called Boogie By The Bay in October 2013, in a hotel room, on a mandolin. I had been to see the Honeysuckle Possums (a Santa Barbara all girls Americana Band) and I thought I’d write something for them on the mandolin. I played it at a songwriters group in Santa Barbara, and sang it live. I was inspired so I decided I’d record it. At first it was going to be a demo take that they could use to create the song and the lyrics were open to change if they wanted.

Months went by, I kept working on the song, and I gave them a pointer to it. Well, yet another month went by and I kept working on the song deciding to “Acquisotify” it so I could release it myself.  So off I went, adding and embellishing it, mix after mix  (85 of them).  As I was doing this I was creating a mini temporary studio in Santa Barbara.  As I built out my system I kept searching for just the right sound, and the song was getting into me.

Fast forward many months later into the next year 2014. At some point the idea popped up that it should be a video also. It was a really fun song and it just begged for a video.  The future Director liked the song and had a vision that pretty much agreed with what I wanted. But it sat on the shelf, more or less, until I got close to the final version of the song.

117 takes later, I made some wild cuts. I needed to get the song under 4 minutes, as close to 3:30 minutes as I could get it. After some brutal session of chopping up my baby, I came up with a copy that would be perfect for the video.  Anna and I chatted, and the next thing you know, the video shoot was scheduled for 2 weeks!! But that’s another story!

The Tracks

8 vocal tracks
3 layered drum tracks with 2 drum kits
Bass guitar
3 acoustic mandolin tracks
2 synths
1 piano
A brass trio
A string trio.

TRIVA: This is one of the rare songs I’ve made that has NO LEAD guitar part!!