It had been years since the release of Audiogrill – Crazy Days CD, 10 in fact and I had a LOT of material that was never released, it was instrumental in nature and a lot of vocal song I considered good but maybe not ready for prime time but I loved the songs.

After much deliberation I decided to only release instrumentals on this release and it would, like the first one, a bit of a mix on Genre’s, also the bar for this CD was much different than Acquisotic CD’s and would contain songs that were more playful in structure and composition but that is typical of the way I grew to view Audiogrill; as my musical playground.

Emotion Detective rel;eased in 2012

Emotion Detective - Audiogrill 7 - 1400

I had gone through many album ideas and some of the rocker tunes that where going to be on a release got left out so the name of the album kept changing from Motion Detective and finally Emotion Detective because the title track “Motion Detective” wasn’t included.

Album Artwork: Bruce Gombrelli

Music and production: Bruce Gombrelli

Almost every one of these songs was recorded into a VS 2480 which gave me the ability to Automate the final mixes.

Showtime! (West 31st Street) 2006

This song was original going to be an uptempo “West Coast Swing” style dance song. It eventually became a fun instrumental and sounded very carnival like

I don’t remember the exact instruments but :

All Parts: Entirely scored, there is horns, bass, drums. I exclusively used outboard gear on this song run by midi programmed tracks.

Many tracks were created live and recorded into midi to be played back later.

Growls Guitar: This was a song with a pitch shift pedal and is one of my favorite parts of the song.

Media: Recorded into a VS 2480 and mixed.

Sleuth (Inspector Larry) 2011

This song was a lot of fun to create, it, like Showtime was completely scored and it’s a really detailed track.  The idea was Inspector Gadget meets James Bond

All Parts: Scored and played back into outboard gear

Media: Recorded into a VS 2480 and mixed

Cool Kitty in the Back 2006

This song was right after that’s how dreams go and I was playing with trying to use computer based plug-in’s for sound and overlaying live guitar tracks.  There is an unreleased version of this which I sing, and I may release in the future when I touch it up.  There was also a guitar version. I ran into computer problems and was never able to properly recreated this track later because plug-ins where missing (thanks Sonar/Cakewalk) so I just used my favorite take.

Programming: All computer based Plug in’s

Media: Computer Based

You Name It (Swing South)

I wrote this about 2008. The song was originally designed to go from straight count to rolling count (for dance) and I was going to have a kicking lead over it which I played with and when I ran into problems with the computer I abandoned the project. I picked it back up, edited it and put if on the Emotion Detective CD because I really liked the basic idea of the song and the break it has in the middle with goes airy.

Programming: Computer Based Plug Ins

Live Guitar Tracks

Media: Computer Based

Handwriter 2011

Handwriter was a track that was designed to be similar to Smooth Landing (released in 2005 on That’s How Dreams Go). The plan was have a smooth song with nice changes and a good guitar track over it. For some reason the released version on Emotion Detective has a glitch in it that was missed\, the single version is clean.

Tracks Written on RS 2000 (Yamaha)

Embellishments live to 2480

Media: VS 2480

Guitars: Bruce Stratocasters

The Wedding Dance 2011

This song was written as and for a Night Club 2 Step song. My wife and I danced this as a routine. The last orchestrated part of the song took the longest to write.

Computer Based using outboard gear, this song was one of my first without any guitar.

Media: VS 2480

Bow Wave 2006

Bow Wave was a wonderful strong song that was recording almost exclusively on my first working computer setup with plug-ins and live guitar. The bow wave is a name that simply reflects it’s connection to submarines and water. The pings made me think of a submarine. The vocal scat and guitar answer session was a very special part of this song and had an interesting Pink Floyd feel to it.

Scat Vocals: Samples

Guitar: Live counter point doubled guitar part (played twice)

Media: Computer Based

The Festival Song 2004

This mandolin jam was written in 2004. The entire jam was completely done in one take and is amazingly fluid and fun.

Live Mandolin Track

Media: VS 2480

Booker T. Brat 2006

This song was written about the same time as Cool kitty in the back. I was thinking of Booker T. and the Mg’s when I named it, mostly because of the keyboard part.

Live keyboard to midi with embellishments.

Media: Computer Based

Bayou Blues 2003

Bayou Blues is an edited jam of me on the acoustic. Similar to the idea of The Festival Song. I was playing with the Slide.

Live guitar track

Media: VS 2480

Spa Emotion 2014

Spa emotion was an attempt at a spa song and really could have been left off this CD but it’s a cool song. I have an updated version of it that is MORE Spa like called Wandering Intentions which may be released as a Sonic Pleasures song.

Media: Computer Based

Written in Santa Barbara on a Yacht