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Audiogrill is a ficticious band created by Bruce Gombrelli that released very mixed genre’s of music that sometimes features guest artists.

This band was Bruce’s original band he started back in the 90’s. The original idea was sparked from a web search for a band name and a clip art graphic that has a BBQ cook that had a bunch of notes over his head.  The idea of “cooking music” was born.  A website search at the time showed up Audiogrill as unregistered so Bruce took it. (He later lost the domain to domain squatters when it accidentally expired).

Back in 2000 Bruce Gombrelli was working with Brent Bennett. Brent was his amazing vocalist and they were collaborating on music when Brent got a bit busy and fell in love. When that happened Bruce continued and on created Audiogrill which was about 80% instrumental work and 20% with Brent on Vocals. The CD was released as Crazy Days.

Through the years Bruce collected up a bunch of instrumental tunes and in 2014 decided to release a collection of those songs under the digital Album called “Emotion Detective” .

Not all instrumentals produced during 2001-2014 were released and still remain not in print, notably some fast rocking songs like “South Of Sanity” and “Motion Detective” remain unreleased.

The credits for the first CD are different than the 2nd one. The first one was Bruce doing with Brent on lead vocals (except on Cajunboy’s Guitar). The 2nd Cd contains NO vocals and is solely a instrumental work by Bruce. Brent can be heard on Bruce’s Stir Fry album.

Music for Short Films and Movies

Audiogrill is a mix of vocal and instrumental music that covers many different Genre’s

cover2 single keyboard copy

First Release 2001 – Crazy Days – To Purchase click here

The music for Crazy days was produced from about 1997 to 2001

cover2 single keyboard copy

Second Release 2015 – Emotion Detective – To purchase click here

To read the behind the scenes for this CD go here

Emotion Detective - Audiogrill 7 - 1400


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