The original  RETRO BRITISH AMERICAN POP Music Band!


Acquisotic is a fictional band created by Bruce Gombrelli

Acquisotic was born from the idea of freedom of expression. The pursuit of musical exploration. The core of Acquisotic was originally philosophical topics, an inquiring approach, and a free association of ideas and exotic expression. The songs were meant to be organic but yet experimental in their origin. Since they were produced by one person they would ultimately reflect ideas that came from the source, but yet not be tied to it. Songs covered many topics but often involved the human experience.

Most importantly, it was going to be Bruce’s vehicle for his songs that would includes his vocals and the first CD was released in 2005.

However, Acquisotic took on it’s own persona and became a Retro British American Pop style band.

The following ideas were wrapped up with the name of Acquisotic

Acquire new musical knowledge
Flowing like water, the lubricant of life.
Inquiring and questioning
Exotic by Nature
Highly original but tied to it’s roots
Vocal layering and personal philosophies

The ultimate goal was to let the songs become whatever “Acquisotic” wanted them to be, no matter what the original idea was. Song structure was important, but the songs often took on an evolving style that would change from song to song. Everything from a straight classic form to a very complex story structure were investigated. A song would be born and turned over to “Acquisotic” to decide what to do with it. You need horns here! This part should be more spacey! More breaks! Put a solo here! Use a Steely Dan chord from Aja.

In all ways, the songs just become Acquisotified!

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First Release – That’s How Dreams Go – 2005 – To purchase click here


Second Release – Acquisotic II – 2012 – To Purchase click here


Single Releases

I Don’t Mind – 2014 – Click Here

Without Words – 2015 – Click Here

See The Sunshine – 2016 – Click Here