Music Submission (How to submit your songs)

Currently we normally use dropbox (or something similar) to share wav and stem files, due to file size. You can use to send us your link.

Please submit your most Retro British American Pop sounding song(s) (1 or 2).  Keep in mind that we can work with finished song as well as unfinished songs.

For submissions we request – 320 bps MP3 files

How complete should my final submission be if it accepted?

We can do as little as produce and master your songs OR we can completely go into your existing Stem files and add new tracks/remix and produce your songs.

BUT, your recording is important. If you have a finished track and it is over compressed and dirty we will request that you send us the stem files so we can clean it up (if it is selected).

WAV file(s) ARE required for the final product.

Sending Band Info

You can and should send links in an e-mail with any band pages with information about the band or you personally. You can put this in a text file and image(s) in your drop box when you submit the music or/and can send them to

Mini Bio
The mini bio is usually what we will use when we promote your material.

Submit To This E-mail:

What happens next?

Your song(s) will be reviewed and we will contact you either way (if they are accepted or not). After this you have the option of becoming a full artist and having your music released and promoted through us.