Bruce Gombrelli is a very prolific music composer, performer, mixing engineer,  mastering engineer and music producer 

He is a tireless independent artist, releasing many songs year after year with a background in songwriting, performing, touring, studio work and more. In more recent years he formed Unlimited Power Records to release his own material and work with other artists, either producing them or working as a cowriter or producer. He also masters music for other artists. In this day of free music he believes that he can still create music that has value to other people and is working on ways to get the music to the general population yet give the artist a chance to become something more…

In this pursuit he has embraced and promoted RETRO BRITISH POP MUSIC which is reminiscent of the older 60’s, 70’s style but has a touch of modern engineering thrown in.

After years of living in the Pacific Northwest he is now living in Santa Barbara, running Unlimited Power Records and is actively working on new music and producing other Retro British Pop artists.


You can find details about Bruce Gombrelli, his music and his lyrics at BRUCE GOMBRELLI MUSIC