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Welcome to Unlimited Power Records, an active growing record label that promotes and produces NEW Retro Music MOSTLY the later 60’s, 70’s, with a tiny splash of 80’s and 90s.  Listen to MusicListen to the RadioBuy Music or Submit your own Retro style music to Unlimited Power Records.

Playing Right Now!! Retro British American Pop – Listen to Brand New Artists playing music in the older style of the 60’s and 70s!

There’s an incredible about of desire for the music that was created in the 60’s and 70s.  Things have come full circle with brand new listeners finding and getting into in this music.  Artist and Bands are returning to this style of incredible music for new ideas and writing new songs. For more detail about this style of music read RETRO BRITISH AMERICAN POP 

Just think of all those amazing performers, musicians, mixing engineering and producers from those years! Well, a lot of them are still here and more new ones one the way. Join together and make this Retro revival the bigger reality!!

THE NEWDS - A Brand new UPR Artist

Let the music be more creative and organic. Let the monster music machine live somewhere else. We want songs have a real personality of their own!

Bruce Gombrelli and Acquisotic!

ARTISTS: Retro music isn’t just for listeners, it’s for the music composer powerhouses and many of them never made the charts or missed the era that they loved so much.  New Artists are discovering the romance and cool factor of this music also.  If you want to submit your new material go here Artist Intro

LISTENERS & FANS: We are excited you found us! You’ll will get a chance to hear BRAND NEW music that sounds like it was created during that area. The more you listen, the more our bands and artist are driven to produce.Connect with us on facebook and join our listener newsletter. You can even listen for free on SPOTIFY! (But not all releases are available there. We have exclusive content only found here on UPR records website).


Chris Hardy and the Far Outs

What are some of the older bands? Think of the classic British and Psychedelic bands of the late 60’s and early 70’s then add in the CA psychedelic sounds and you have a perfect recipe for Brit-Am pop. Think Yardbirds, Hollies, Beatles, Spirit, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Badfinger, Jefferson Airplane, Incense and Peppermints, Rare Earth, The Kinks…you get the idea. If you want to know more about this kind of music we chat about it here.



Unlimited Power Records “hand” selects artists and their music so we represent music that is perfect for this Genre. To give the listener the best experience at getting the music they want. UPR often acts as an advisor, a producer and promoter for our artists.  We also are expanding our exclusive library of songs and content to give the user a larger musical experience.


Here at Unlimited Power Records we also see SPECIAL RELEASES from the our artists that you can’t get anywhere else on the Internet.

That’s right! EXCLUSIVE content!

Deep Inside My Brain by ZemZada is now available

Retro Brit-Am Pop is a great style of music that entices you to listen for metaphors & find your own personal meaning in songs. There’s creative harmonies and lush instrumentation. You can hear songs that are built part by part by individual artists or cohesive bands instead of a team of writers that typically sit behind the current pop stars. The music may even emulate some of your favorite bands of the past but in pieces and parts. You can listen to it over and over, and years later, rediscover it. Not surprising it will probably grow on you more than once!



What kind of instrumentation is used for this type of music? It’s a splash of the best 60’s, 70’s with a slight splash of 80’s sound. The music production sounds quite similar to what was created by the likes of producers in that earlier era, George Martin and more.  You’ll hear Harmonies, Horns, Sitars, Strings, Synths, Rhodes, Harpsichords, and many different instruments and sonic layers, with acoustic, 12 string, and electric guitars.  All I can say is – what a incredible journey back in time with brand new music, catchy lyrics and deep musical content all done in a retro style of yesterday.

We also have VIDEOS!
See The Sunshine was one of the music videos created to match the music. This song has a video that is located here here

Creating music that has the essence of the 60’s requires a channeling of a time gone past. Instruments existed back then that aren’t typically used the same way today, guitar licks had a style.

Most importantly the songs often have harmonies, personal topics and song structures that don’t subscribe to the typical modern song flow and sometimes where more of a song storyboard then a formula. Don’t get us wrong, we like some formula style songs, they can be amazing but we also embrace songs that have a lot of twists and turns.


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Subraru BRZ Series Yellow - Unlimited Power Records Racing Team
Subraru BRZ Series Yellow – Unlimited Power Records Racing Team