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Unlimited Power Records presents the latest RETRO BRITISH POP Craze music. Listen to the music and feel the vibe of new retro sound & join the sonic movement. The strong presence of the internet has created a perfect space for the development of a completely new underground pop movement.  It’s a return to the creative mind challenging music. Music that wants you to listen for metaphors & find your own personal meaning in songs. There’s creative harmonies and lush instrumentation. You can hear songs that are built part by part by individual artists or cohesive bands instead of a team of writers behind the current pop stars. You can listen to it over and over  and even years later and never get tired of it, actually it even grows on you! Instead of it being depose-able and a trivial cheap shallow musical flash that soon become “that’s so last week” but instead makes you want to listen to it over & over again. Music that means something!

Retro British Pop Record Label
Without Words - Love song - Retro British Pop - Release 2016
While In Alone - Soulful Retro British Pop


Here at Unlimited Power Records we also see SPECIAL RELEASES from the our artists that you can’t get anywhere else on the Internet.

That’s right! EXCLUSIVE content!

For example, In the Listen to Tunes area you can get Golden Relics, it contains the music in Hi Res Form, lyrics & images of this commercially released EP!Piano

Unlimited Power Records promotes a hand selected group of Retro British Pop artists. Our goal was to represent the best in this new/old genre and present them to the world and the internet.

Enter one of our favorites….

Unlimited Power Records is proud to promote Bruce Gombrelli; a Retro British Pop Artist!  Bruce’s music is NOT designed current Top 40 material but rather wonderful endearing music that evolved in years gone by and he nails it. It’s a splash of the best 60’s, 70’s an 80’s sounds with a mod twist. The music production sounds quite similar to what was created by the likes of producers in that earlier era, George Martin and more. You’ll hear Beatles, Badfinger, Yardbirds, Spirit, Raspberries, and many other bands. You’ll hear Harmonies, Horns, Sitars, Strings, Synths, Rhodes, Harpsicords, and many different instruments and sonic layers, with acoustic, 12 string, and electric guitars.  All I can say is – what a incredible journey back in time with brand new music, catchy lyrics and deep musical content all done in a retro style of yesterday. The steampunk genre would even be proud.



Creating music that has the essence of the 60’s requires a channeling of a time gone past. Instruments existed back then that aren’t typically used the same way today, guitar licks had a style. Most importantly the songs often have harmonies, personal topics and song structures that don’t subscribe to the typical modern song flow and sometimes where more of a song storyboard then a formula. Don’t get us wrong, we like some formula style songs, they can be amazing but we also embrace songs that have a lot of twists and turns.

“Room With A View” – Released 5/2017!!

We also have now classic forms of Retro British Pop by Acquisotic



If you don’t want to own any this music or you are a streamer, then go STREAM RETRO BRITISH POP ON SPOTIFY!!  We can dig it, we like streaming to 😉


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