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Listen to latest craze and vibe of new retro sounding music and join the movement. The strong presence of the internet has created a perfect space for the development of a completely new underground pop movement. A return to the creative mind challenging music, the music that wants you to listen for metaphors & find your own meaning in songs. To hear creative harmonies. To hear songs built part by part by individual artists instead of a team of writers behind the stars. You can listen to it over and over again instead of it being depose-able and a trivial cheap shallow musical flash that you soon grow tired of and never want to hear again, or your friends so, that’s so last week. Music that means something!

Single - Released Jan 2017!

Unlimited Power Records is proud to promote Bruce Gombrelli; a Retro British Pop Artist!  Bruce’s music NOT designed current Top 40 material but rather wonderful endearing music that evolved in years gone by and he nails it. It’s a splash of the best 60’s, 70’s an 80’s sounds with a mod twist. The music production sounds quite similar to what was created by the likes of producers in that earlier era, George Martin and more. You’ll hear Beatles, Badfinger, Yardbirds, Spirit, Raspberries, and many other bands. You’ll hear Harmonies, Horns, Sitars, Strings, Synths, Rhodes, Harpsicords, and many different instruments and sonic layers, with acoustic, 12 string, and electric guitars.  All I can say is, what a incredible journey back in time with brand new music, catchy lyrics and deep musical content all done in a retro style of yesterday. The steampunk Genre would even be proud.


“Room With A View”


Do ya love music from the 60’s,70s, 80s, 90s?   Does much of the music today seems very trite and repetitious? Does it lacks music expansiveness and depth?  With so many seemingly retro songs in our history what could be better than combining the essence of these into a new yet familiar Retro British Pop style? What about the more melodic and orchestrated music combined with metaphorical lyrics that allow your to feel the art in music? Look no further. Unlimited Power Records presents Bruce Gombrelli and other bands that deliver exactly that kind of music.

3 Song EP Released June 2016!





TRY TRY TRIED (from Golden Relics 3 song EP) – Released 2016

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